Online Trading Made Easy Trade stocks on the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) from anywhere in the world. How it works

Trade on-the-go

ARM Stocktrade is a mobile friendly trading platform so it’s perfect for trading anywhere and anytime.

Competitive pricing

Our fees including trade commissions are competitive.

Robust research materials

We provide a variety of market research tools. The secret is to keep it simple: whether in fundamental or technical market research.

Periodic Promotions

Take advantage of our periodic trading promotions where you can trade without paying commissions (except regulatory fees).

Learn trading tips and tricks

ARM Stocktrade aims to make trading easier and more successful with the tips and tricks. We provide great tools to help you make the most of every trade.

Why ARM Stocktrade

ARM Stocktrade is a stock-trading platform which provides round the clock access to great tools, a robust body of research as well as up-to-date market analysis. It aims to empower you to make informed investment decisions while you invest and make money on your own.